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    If windows Task Manager is showing up on your system, this article should help you resolve the issue.


    How The Task Manager Widget Is Displayed

    Setting up the widget is very easy to understand. From the Windows Start menu, click the search box and search for “Task Manager”. Select the best result and you should see Task Manager launch. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time.

    Show Command Prompt In Task Manager

    Open Task Manager on your computer. Then you can right click on any taskbar and select “Task Manager” from the list. Now make sure you are in the Process case and right click on any process for the tab name > select Command Prompt.

    windows task manager display

    Default Tab Set For Manager In Windows 10

    Set the “No Pay” tab, often open the task manager on the start screen, or right-click on the taskbar of the relevant tasks and select “Task Manager”. Then, before it opens, go to Options > Set Default Tab and select the desired default tab from the list.


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    Task Manager Tabs

    Task Manager Tabs

    Above, the same as in the main window In the task, the Dispatcher Console contains a completely new set of different tabs: Applications, Processes, Services, Performance, Network and Users (Fig. 3 ). We will go into detail about the applications, processes, and services associated with usage, but surely the other three will not be covered in detail in this article as these people are not as directly involved in troubleshooting and problem solving. Here is a brief description of the last three tabs:

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