Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported experiencing an excessively large windows XP taskbar.


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    Move your mouse pointer over the actual top edge of the taskbar, where the mouse pointer changes to any double arrow. This means that this manual is a resizable window. Left click on this mouse and hold down the mouse buttons. Drag your mouse up and the taskbar will double in size once your computer is tall enough.

    Hover your current mouse over the top of the taskbar, where the mouse pointer will turn into a double pointer. This indicates that this is a resizable functional window. Left click and hold the mouse button. Drag your mouse up and the entire taskbar will double in size once your mouse is cool enough.

    Hover your mouse over the taskbar, where the mouse suggestion will change to a double arrow, which means it’s a proper resizable window. Left-click on it and hold your mouse button down. Drag that mouse up and the taskbar will almost certainly double in size once your mouse is high enough.


    click and drag the separator bar to the right of the taskbar split
    (which looks like four dots followed by three dots
    the current side is basically the vertical side). It looks like you need to create a
    in order toBiplane effect with taskbar. As soon as the bottom takes you
    if you accept the taskbar, you can resize the taskbar.

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    | All of a sudden my taskbar has grown to 3x its normal size.
    | I tried to make it much smaller by dragging and resizing the arrows
    | insofar as. I may end up with a double arrow but I just can’t get the taskbar
    | to think, given their shrinking daily size.
    | It’s too much, it fits too Lots of screen real estate. Does anyone know exactly why
    | has become so big and how can I reduce it?

    All Icons On The Taskbar

    Place your precious mouse pointer over the edge that extends beyond the entire taskbar. The pointer cursor will most likely turn into a resize cursor, which in turn looks like a short horizontal call with an arrow at the same end. Once you see the resize slider, click and drag your computer left or right to resize the taskbar width.

    Custom Toolbars

    The small size of icons on the Windows XP taskbar can make it difficult to distinguish them when trying to quickly open a program. While Microsoft is increasingly offering features for business users to help them customize their XP experience for greater efficiency and convenience, one feature that Microsoft has never offered is the ability to add bulk to the taskbar, consisting of icons only. These icons are displayed on the taskbar or individual icons on the toolbars.
    windows xp taskbar too big

    Right click

    any Windows XP workstation and select “Properties” from the menu, which opens the “Display Properties” window of everything.

    Answers (1)  Try right-clicking on it and make sure it’s not “locked”, then the person can drag its edge to resize it relative to each other. But when the toolbar above the taskbar takes up the entire living room, it can limit access to it for younger users.


    Look at this on the Appearance tab, then click on the Advanced button to open the Advanced Properties window.
    windows xp taskbar too big


    In the panel, select and “Element” select and “Active Title Bar” from the corresponding drop-down menu.

    UsedUse ty

    cursor to highlight the “Size” numeric field, then enter a larger amount, such as “24”.

    Dock the taskbar to the side and top of your desktop. Over the years, I have preferred to dock the system tray with the best elements of the desktop. Just press the left mouse button + clear + drag, moving the cursor to where you want the taskbar to appear as the right edge of your phone screena. It will snap into place.

    Click OK to close the window, then click Apply in the open Display Properties window to see the changes in the taskbar. If you don’t have an exact icon size, open New in the Advanced Properties window and change the row’s Active Title Size field. If the change works, click OK to close the window.


    To collapse the icons on the screen againFrom the Windows XP taskbar, return to the Advanced Properties window and reduce the overall size of the active title bar. You can also right-click on the left vertical tree of the toolbar and choose the Small Icons approach from the View menu.

    Right-click an empty area of ​​most Windows taskbars. If you see a checkmark next to “Lock the taskbar” next to the context menu, you usually press the words to unlock the taskbar and add the checkmark.

    Hover over the vertical bar to the left of a single Alexa toolbar, such as the Alexa Quick Launch Tool, and then right-click the vertical bar to open the context menu.

    Hover over the “Show” slider at the top of the menu to see a minor change, then select the “Large Values” optionki”. Alexa tool icons will expand and the Windows taskbar will automatically double to free up space.


    right-click the taskbar, if it has already been locked again, select “Lock the taskbar with” to lock the task again.

    Research news in

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    4.6:39 2003, in January evening programs

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    I’m using WinXP and my taskbar is about 2.5cm wide, what’s wrong
    it seems that
    nothing. I hope someone will probably help me. I have a taskbar
    and I can pull it but further, do not squeeze harder. What am I
    Wrong? Yes, I’m using the “Classic C Launcher” menu, it has something to do with this
    rate s.

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    The analysis taskbar usually expands to one of two levels for you

    – First, make sure that your precious taskbar is not locked, for this we right-click on the club building again and see in the option “practically lock the taskbar” that “it should not be checked.” -Then hover your mouse pointer roughly over the top of the water point and click with a quick motion to the desired position. David.

    2. There is another rod, just a big one, it is for the top and the level expands


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    make sure the taskbar is (right-click the taskbar,
    Untick the taskbar.” Then move it to the plus big line at the top of the bar up
    The mouse pointer will change to an acceleration arrow, then drag it down.

    If you can’t resize, please style below for flat single icon or
    which is probably the way of separation. You need to resize things on top

    align them so that there is nothing left on the second area. Method Strict
    It doesn’t matter if it’soh and mistakes, there is no secret to doing all this, this can be

    Reduce the number of reliable or fast launches of other toolbars that a user may have
    address bar. As soon as you succeed, including delimiters
    Bring the layer above back, you can go back one layer with

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    Right-click an empty space in the technology bar.Make sure “Lock the taskbar” is unchecked at all.Hover over the enhancement on the taskbar.Or drag the edge of the taskbar up or down to adjust the size of each taskbar.Click and drag the taskbar to move it to the left, right, or even to the top of the screen.

    Usually, to restore the standard Windows XP taskbar icons,you return to the Advanced Properties window and reduce the total size of the active title bar. You can also right-click on the left toolbar divider and select Small to Icon Options from the View menu.

    Answers (1)  Try right-clicking on it, but make sure it’s not “locked”. At this point you should be able to drag to resize. if the Alexa tool can take up space on the taskbar, it limits your options.

    Then hold down the top edge of the taskbar where the desktop and taskbar are. When you move your mouse over the area above, it should turn into a double arrow. Drag it down to collapse the taskbar. Release once it reaches the desired size (a pause at the bottom of the screen portion is currently the least likely to occur when using this method).