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    Over the past week, some of our users have reported accessing msconfig remotely.

    If you want to run msconfig from the Windows command line, you can run the following command.

    Windows Can’t Get Msconfig?

    If you just run “msconfig”, Windows won’t be able to get the executable (the directories that Windows should look for to run the command), right? msconfig.exe. Therefore, if we always run msconfig from the command line, we generate the error message below.

    How To Run The Msconfig Command Line In Windows 7?

    Method 1: Use the run command. Use the keyboard. the magic formula “Windows key + R” and no doubt the Run window will open. In its text field, write “msconfig” and press “Enter” or “OK”. The msconfig window will open.

    A powerful tool available in several brands of Windows that you can use to control how a program starts is the System Configuration Utility. This program is also ready in Windows 8. To open System Configuration, open Control Panel, click Large Icons or Small Icons, including Dropdown View by clicking Administrative Tools. Double-click the “System Configuration” shortcut.

    Command Prompt

    Step 1: Open the command by typing l at the command prompt with Start , Run and type CMD. If you’re unfamiliar with a particular command line, feel free to read my beginner’s article on the command line first.

    Using Netsh In Psexec

    Netsh lacks an easy way to run multiple copies with remote machines . However, you can get creative with embedded remote information, such as including multiple remote addresses only in batch files and other scripts. The person may have more luck if they use other options.

    Manual or automatic system update. The new manual messages are the best choice for a large headless system. If the update continues to make the computer unavailable, you usually know you’ve fixed the cause. Then you can check how your latest updates affected the system and find an easy way to fix the problem.


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