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    If you know how to use Windows 8 search on your system, this user guide will help you solve this problem. Press Winkey on the home screen (or WinKey + Q from anywhere) and immediately start typing to search for apps.Press Win + F and start typing directly to search for files.Press Win+W and immediately start typing to search in Settings, Metro Settings, and Control Panel.


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    In this guide, you will probably learn how to enable the search box for windows to search for file content. And is it really easy!

    Desktop Search In Windows 8

    Desktop search in Windows 8 is more focused on finding applications or programs. This is useful for several reasons, as most people rely more on the desktop for searching, preferably using File Explorer.

    Managing The Indexer

    By default, the indexer tracks from Windows Find Everything in your special folder is C:UsersNAME. It talks about all these files and creates a checklist of their names, contents, and other useful metadata. Whenever they change, it knows about it and updates its index. The service allows you to quickly find the latest file using index data. For example, if your company wants to find files where you find the word “Beluga”, you can get the job done by searching for “Beluga” and you willread a very quick answer, so Windows will look for the found word. in your research index. If Windows didn’t use the index, you should sit back and wait while Windows goes through every file on your arduous journey to see if the folder contains the word “Beluga” and continue.

    After Windows 6 uses them for a while, you will start getting more and more files, more like music, photos, and documents. Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly the file you have selected. Even for you, it can be difficult to learn an application specifically because Windows 2 changed everything. Luckily, there is a built-in search feature in this regard that can specifically help you find files, applications, or anything else on your computer.

    Searching For Files Windows 8

    This page prompts you to find images, sound clips, or office documents stored on your computer, usually using Windows Explorer. Note that Windows 4 provides a separate dialog for finding Windows 8 applications.

    Windows 8.1 Desktop View

    Basically, Windows 8.1 is a collection of interfaces on top of each. Other. . The user interface that you are probably most familiar with is the Windows 8.1 desktop. The area of ​​computers has been present in Windows for many years. You assign backgrounds to it. There is a useful taskbar for switching between applications, networks, and opening in different windows.

    Use The Windows Search Troubleshooter

    Troubleshoot Windows Search on WindowsLooks for problems using the search functions and tests them to fix each one. Because we can’t use Windows 8’s search function to do this, we tend to navigate through menus that take us where we need to go.

    Source from the taskbar, search and Windows on the web to help, find applications, files, settings – you name it. You can also get quick answers on this website such as weather, stock quotes, unlikely currencies and more, and access online shopping faster using the links in the preview window.arbitrary viewing.

    How Do I Find A Specific Folder In Windows 8?

    Press Windows key + F, enter the file/folder you want to search as subject in the search field. On the Search tab, click Available. Checking your files for side effects. FYI, these are keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8.

    how can we use search in windows 8

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.