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    The latest Linux kernel comes with Samsung’s new innovative exFAT file system driver and premium exFAT support for reading and creating exFAT file system. In addition to solid exFAT support for Linux, the new driver also allows you to access encrypted hard drive history from within Windows. World-Wide-Web is a computer web magazine dedicated to free softwarea lot of hardware and software related to Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. It consists of a release, regular single stories posted over several days, and an attached thread – each story. Most of the news, almost all of which is published, is summaries of articles available elsewhere, and all are free to viewers. Original articles are typically discovered weekly on Thursdays and are only available to subscribers for two days, after which they are free to download. is part of Inc eklektix.


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    LWN is intended for a more specialized audience than other Linux/freeware directories. He is often credited with providing detailed coverage of the internal workings of the Linux kernel in the country, as well as discussions on writing Linux kernel mailing lists (LKML).[3][4] [5] [6][sup>[7][sup>[8]

    There is usually an LTS core release every year, usually the exact release of the year, and the tool is supported for at least two years.

    The acronym “LWN” originally stood for Linux Weekly News; the name is simply no longer used as Location no longer exclusively covers Linux-related locations and offers a daily as well weekly content.[9]


    Founded by Jonathan Corbet and Elizabeth Coolbow and published in January 1998,[1] LWN is a free Linux website that collects weekly news.’s coverage of Linux kernel development is detailed, specific, and timely. Check out the LWN Core Index for instant access to all LWN Core articles organized by topic. LWN launches main content every week.

    In late May 2002, LWN announced a redesign of the site.[10] Among the changes was the way readers could comment on articles.

    linux kernel weekly

    On July 25, 2007, LWN announced that due to the inability to raise enough funds, the next issue would be their last.[11][12]However, after an outpouring from readers, the LWN editors decided to continue publishing, but on a subscription model. The new 7-day editions of LWN are initially only available to readers who subscribe to the third level (monthly group subscriptions are also available). After a real two-week delay, each issue is brazenly available to readers who can’t or don’t want to pay.


    • Jonathan Corbet, what kind of person is in charge of the main and main pages, posts and all the functions of the “executive editor”?
    • Jake Edge, who answeredCredits for the security advice page and various features;
    • Nathan Willis maintains the development page.

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    New major nuclei develop every 9-10 weeks. Stable. Once each of these major cores is released, it is effectively considered “stable”. All bug fixes to build a stable kernel are carried over from the main tree and applied by a designated stable kernel maintainer.

    • Official site
    • “Linux and the Timetable Free Software Index”. 2013 [1998]. Ten years of holiday reviews. 2005 [1997]
    • “Subscriber Survey”. LWN. February 2007 Web Page Demographics and Popularity

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    Distribution Kernels

    Many Linux distributions offer their own “Long Term Maintenance”.Kernels, which may or may not be kernel-basedDeveloper. Coincidentally, these kernel versions are not hosted on andThe core developers cannot provide support for your child elements.

    It’s easy to tell if a person is working with the kernel of a distribution. except youdownloaded, compiled and installed your kernel, you’re in a hurry, you’re the kernel of the distribution. stop trippingYour kernel version, descriptors uname -r:

    # uname -r5.6.19-300.fc32.x86_64

    If you see something after the dashboard, run the distribution.basic. Please use the support channels offered throughout the sales process.Vendor to get kernel support.

    Release FAQ

    linux kernel weekly

    Here are some of the questions we keep getting about the kernel versionversions. Occasionally check out the main “Frequently Asked Questions” section on various topics.

    When Will The Next Major Version Of The Kernel Be Released?

  • After every major release, there is a two-week “merge window” period.during which the latest core features are presented in our own core
  • After closing the confluence window there is definitely a 7 week bug fix andStabilization period with weekly “Release Candidate” snapshots.
  • rc7 is usually the last candidate present, although it is sometimes presentthere may be another version of rc8+ if deemed necessary
  • For the approximate major date of the next major kernel release, Take all of our past major release dates and add 9-10 weeks.

    What Is Your Next Long-term Release Without Questions?

    Long life cores are selected based on a variety of factors, including important new ones.Features, known commercial distribution needs, device manufacturersSupervisor demand, workload and availability, etc. You can roughly estimate thatEstimate when a new long-term version should be available based onhow much time has passed since choosing the long-term survival option.

    Why Are Many Long-term Versions Maintained Longer Than Others?

    “Tentative dates” are not carved in stone. All new long term coreusually starts with an EOL of just 2 years, which can be extendedwhere there is sufficient interest from some industry representatives to helpsupport to do it in a timely manner over a longer period.

    Does The Major Version Number (4.x Or 5.x) Mean Anything?

    No. The number of the main choice is incremented when the numbers afterTpoints seem “too big”. There are literally no other reasons.

    Does Odd Or Even Number Mean Anything Else?

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.