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    If you’ve noticed remote debugging with Visual Studio 2010, the following tutorial should help.

    Using Visual Studio* 2010 Remote Debugging

    Two remote computer support connections are available: the DCOM type (called “Remote with Windows Authentication”) and TCP/IP (called “Remote without Authentication”). For initial setup of controller debugging, see Debugging Visual Studio* Remote Installation in this Microsoft* MSDN documentation.

    remote debug with visual studio 2010

    Remote Debugging

    NOTE. Remote debugging features are always available in Visual Studio 2005/2008 Express. This also doesn’t work with the Windows XP Home Edition theme, you will definitely get the “Not recognized in this version of Windows” error message.

    Preparing The Remote Host

    You need to prepare the remote host first, as incoming debug requests will be accepted. You can do this by running the Visual Studio Remote Debug Monitor on the Remote PC Support engine located in C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual 9 studio.0Common7IDERemote Debugger. Copy this folder to your remote and put a shortcut to any of the msvsmon.exe on your desktop for easy access when you need to debug it.

    Where Do You Place The Get Remote Debugger In Visual Studio 2010 ?

    OpenGo to Programs > Last Year’s Microsoft Visual Studio > Visual Studio Tools > Visual Studio 2010 Remote Folder Debugger. Windows Explorer shows 32-bit and therefore 64-bit versions of Remote the Debugging Monitor. Copy the appropriate version from the remote server (for example, x64 machine.use X64 folder and x32 machine.use X86 folder) to a directory on your computer.


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    Debugging Tips

    I’m introduced to the remote debugger as a great powerful tool, although it’s usually not easy to set up. I’m optimistic that this article has clarified some things. Feel free to leave points below. If you have many more tips, it would be great – share them with others. I’ll be happy to update this post.

    remote debug with visual studio 2010

    Remote Debugging With Visual Studio*

    Two types of remote connection are available: DCOM (“Remote with Windows Authentication”) and TCP/IP (“Remote Without Authentication”). Authentication”). For more information about the initial setup of remote debugging, see see Visual Studio* Remote Debugging Organized in Microsoft* Topics msdn documentation.

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