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    Here are some simple ways that can help solve the problem with the telemetry tracking command subsystem.

    SubsystemThe most important part of the mini-satellite, which provides communication with ground stations, is the telemetry tracking and control (TTC) subsystem. In addition, it collects and sends information to help determine the satellite’s orbit and/or download images caused by the payload to the control center [5].


    Telemetry, tracking and (TT&C) subsystem provides reliable communication between own and wired ground facilities. The purpose of the TT&C position is to verify that the capabilities of the satellite are correct. Being part of the spacecraft bus, the TT&C subsystem is needed when you need to use everything as satellites, no matter where you see the application. This chapter describes 3 main tasks that the TT&C subsystem performs to ensure proper control of the application satellite: (1) part of satellite health and history monitoring by diversifying, processing and transmitting data from different spacecraft subsystems, (2) most of determining the exact satellite memory receiving, processing and displaying range signals; and (3) no doubt properlive satellite control over the reception and processing of commands transmitted from the ground. Some elegant spacecraft designs have evolved from “autonomous” operation, so many controls have been automated and therefore do not require a ground operator except in emergencies.



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      1. 1.InternationalUniversity itemscope=”” itemprop=”address” itemtype=””>San FranciscoUSA

      The Telemetry, Tracking, Control and Surveillance (TTCM) subsystem is both present at television stations and on the ground. As a rule, satellite television receives data through sensors, and the satellite telemetry subsystem transmits data to earth stations. Therefore, the TTCM subsystem is very important for the correct functioning of any communication satellite.

      The satellite operator is responsible for managing the life cycle of the controlling satellite after it has passed the correct orbit. This can be done using the TTCM subsystem. We can < share /p>

      We have this TTCM subsystem into three parts.

    6. Associated subsystem and monitoring telemetry
    7. Command subsystem
    8. Tracking subsystem
    9. Subsystem Telemetry Monitoring

      The word and “telemetry” means measuring at a distance. The following areas of activity mainly occupy the area of ​​”telemetry”.

    10. Generate a strong new electrical signal in which the market is proportional to the measurement value.

    11. Electrical signal encoding.

    12. Transmit this code only remotely.

    13. The existing telemetry subsystem in Accurate Satellite basically does two things: ˆ’

    14. get data from sensors and
    15. Take this disk to a station on Earth. Satellites
    16. They have very few sensors for computer screen parameters such as pressure, temperature, legal, etc. names. various subsystems. As a rule, telemetry data is given in FSK or PSK. Subsystem

      Telemetry is definitely a remote controlled system. it transmits monitoring data from the satellite to the ground platform. As a rule, telemetry signals provide information about the surrounding height and, therefore, about the satellite.

      Tracking Subsystem

      A useful tracking subsystemis designed to determine the position of satellite TV on and PC of its current orbit. The Satellite Control Center (SCC) monitors the operating status of the subsystems of the space segment using downlink telemetry. And it manages these subsystems through the uplink command term.

      We know that a complex subsystem is also present on the station-defined Earth. The focus is on the range angle and view of the satellite. Many methods are used to track satellites. For example, a change in the orbit of a satellite can be determined from the data received from the accelerometers and accelerometers located near the satellite.tracking,

      A subsystem normally found in ground stations provides tracking of satellites as they are fired by the last stage of the launcher. It performs such as functions, locating the satellite in the first orbit, transmission and orbit.

      Command Subsystem

      Command needed was the subsystem to put the satellite into the first orbit and operate in that orbit. Thisand the subsystem adjusts the satellite’s altitude and orbit as these values ​​change. It also sets up the communications subsystem. This learning subsystem is responsible for activating and deactivating other subsystems that exist around the satellite based on understanding based telemetry recovery and hardware subsystems.

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      DESCRIPTION OF THE SYSTEM Control and telemetry communities are single-channel transmission systems. The control system has its own transmission on the ground, and in no one does the satellite itself turn off. Telemetry PC, other sideTransmits from satellite and signals are often received on the ground.

      . A means of accessing spacecraft descent systems to position and adjust our own spacecraft superiority; or a tool that monitors and then monitors the health of a real satellite.

      TT&C • Satellite health and status monitoring. performing collection, transmission, and data transmission from the various major subsystems of the spacecraft. • Associated definition with the position of the exact satellite. actually receiving and processing the sending of running signals.