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    This user guide identifies some potential causes that can cause troubleshooting performance issues in Backup Exec, and then presents possible recovery methods that you can use to resolve the problem.

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    troubleshooting backup exec performance

    Last Published: 20.04.2018

    Close the Backup Exec application.In the Windows Control Panel, double-click Programs with Features.Select Veritas Backup Exec (TM)Select Modify from the options above, or right-click Veritas Backup Exec and select Modify.Select the local installation and recovery options, and then click Next.

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    Be sure to defragment your hard drives regularly. The size in relation to the available storage affects the dynamics of the backup. Insufficient memory, improper paging file functions, and insufficient free disk space cause severe paging and performance degradation.

    V-269-38 – This guide contains troubleshooting information for slow execution of Backup Exec jobs.


    Hard drive controller and PC hardware failure graph caused by hard drive can degrade performance, tape drive, hard drive operator, SCSI bus, or non-standard cables / terminators. Make sure the controller is designed for tape backup equipment. So don’t look for the high speeds of an attached 120MB / s drive attached to a 10MB / s SCSI controller. Make sure the SCSI BIOS settings are correct for the following reasons:

    • Initiate wide. If negotiation is set to Yes because a tape device is attached, it will have a 68-pin SCSI cable connector.
    • The tape drives are not tightly attached to the SCSI RAID controller.


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    Proportions and speed of media using a backup server or oud systembackup devices have a significant impact on performance. Protecting system activity during this period even affects performance. It takes a long time to back up fragmented hard drives. Heavily fragmented hard drives not only change the speed at which data is reliably written to tape, but also affect overall system performance. Fragmented folders take longer to back up because each data segment is managed in a different location on the hard drive, which means the hard drive in the market takes longer to access personal data. Be sure to defragment your hard drives regularly.

    The amount of available memory affects the speed of the backup. Insufficient memory, inappropriate file swap environments, and severe lack of free disk space result in high swap and poor performance. When starting a program or process, ensure that the amount of memory required at startup must remainI’m right behind the same process or class (this is also called a memory leak).

    A block of memory consumed by the entire process must also be freed when the process exits or exits normally.

    troubleshooting backup exec performance

    On average, a file is compressed at a 2: 1 ratio when using hardware printing. Higher and lower pressures will occur depending on the type associated with the backup files. Medium data compression can double the backup speed, plus no compression — the tape drive operates at rated speed. The image and image files are fully compressed on the hard disk. Consequently, there is no hardware compression during the backup that would cause the primary tape drive to run at its own (uncompressed) speed. Hardware compression is performed by the recorder and not by a program on the backup computer.

    Successful compression can double the bit rate of the video player compared to the original bit rate. Compression can vary greatly depending on the input. Image files from a suitable graphics program such as Microsoft Paint can be compressed from 4 to 5: 1 or more; Binary files cannot compress more than 1.5: 1. Data that has already been compressed, or random data (for example, compared to encrypted data or MPEG files) can grow by about five percent when trying to deep compress. This can slow down the reading speed.

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    Disable all NetBackup logging.Disable compression in the policy attributes.Disable Intelligent Disaster Rescue (IDR) and True Image Restore (TIR) ​​during policy attributes.Disable Open Transaction Manager (OTM) and Volume Snapshot Provider (VSP).Disable job tracking on both client computers.