In this article, we will identify some possible causes that might generate Windows Movie Maker vob codec and after that, we will provide some possible fixes that you can try to solve the problem.


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    vob codec windows movie maker

    Also click the File menu and select Import to Collections. Navigate to the video or audio storage on your computer for which tThe latest new codec is required, and double-click the full codec to open it. Windows Movie Maker will automatically download the required codec updates from the Internet.

    Why Can’t VOB Files Be Imported Into Windows Movie Maker?

    It’s a pity that VOB files are not supported because Windows Movie Maker is the culprit. For some music video fans who like to record visual images from camcorders like: Sony DVD to camcorder, users want to edit VOB in Windows Movie Maker and find that Windows Movie Maker can’t handle running .vob. Windows Movie Maker only recognizes every first clip, not all subsequent chapters, which is weird.

    However, with the latest updates, Windows Media Player (WMP) is now fully equipped to open and edit VOB files. Just click and choose to open with WMP for the VOB file to work. If you’re still having trouble opening VOB files on WMP, you can download the recording codec (like the k-lite codec).

    How To Convert VOB Video For Editing In Windows Movie Maker

    To convert DVD VOB videos with Windows Movie Maker, you definitely need any video converter software. You can download Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate here to convert VOB presentations to WMV for Windows Movie Maker. Download the converter below and follow the steps to easily edit VOB composition in Windows Movie Maker. After that, you can also edit the VOB import in the Windows Maker movie. By the way, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate also allows your company to edit videos with its own built-in video editor. Daktor.

    vob codec windows movie maker

    How To Convert And Add VOB Files In Windows Maker

    Overview Step 1: Simply drag and drop a .vob file into the main program window, or click the Add icon to upload a .vob file. wob video. You can add multiple files at once and convert them in batch.

    Convert VOB To File Using Windows Movie Maker Format Factory

    Convert VOB DVD images to Windows Movie Maker using Format Factory is a great choice. Factory Format is a very convenient yet easy to use video conversion method. You can use this free VOB to WMV converter directly without registration. It supports any format video conversion to the most popular video formats. Also you can save cartoon music videos in MP3, WMA, OGG and other formats.


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