This guide is meant to help you when you get the taskbar policy lock error.


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    lock the taskbar policy

    Use The Group Policy Editor.

    The Group Policy Editor is a Windows-based tool that allows users to configure certain operating system settings. You can set password requirements, configure programs, and determine which applications or configuration settings users can change.


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    Why Blocking? Should I Say That The Taskbar Is Inactive?

    We can change this width of the taskbar by dragging the taskbar to different sides of the desktop window. We can only do this when the taskbar is not in a saved state. We can check or partially change the taskbar lock state by clicking “Fine” on the taskbar.

    How To Lock The Taskbar In Group Policy?

    Open “Local Group Policy Notepad” and navigate to: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar, then in the correct results, double click the “Settings Completely Locked” taskbar policy. Change the setting from Not configured to EnabledBut. Click OK and simply restart your computer.

    lock the taskbar policy

    Disable Windows 10 Taskbar Settings Using The Registry Editor

    Use the Group Policy Editor or the Registry Editor to create the Disable a specific setting setting on the taskbar and prevent anyone from accessing it to make changes to your taskbar settings. And you don’t need to add any third party software to disable the settings, both routes are built into Windows 10.

    How To Hide This Windows Taskbar Permanently? 10?

    How to hide the taskbar in Windows 10 Right-click an empty space on the taskbar. This opens the function menu. Select Taskbar in selector settings. Depending on your PC configuration, enable “Auto-hide the corresponding taskbar in desktop mode” or “Auto-hide the taskbar in tablet mode.”

    How Do We Permanently Lock Each Of Our Taskbars?

    Right-click an empty space on the taskbar, then select Taskbar Sets (on Windows 10) or Propertiesa” (in Windows, a row of and 8). In the Lock the taskbar section, set the toggle to On. On Windows and 8 Power, select the “Taskbar” tab and check “Double lock the taskbar”.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.