Check out these troubleshooting ideas if you’re getting the “Unable to open mount/mount data” error on your PC.


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  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Auto-mount Failed And Instance Not Responding

    This problem can occur after automounting the file system directly on the instance. because the _netdev option was not declared. if this _netdev is lost, your EC2 instance may stop working. This result is related to the network Filesystems must be initialized after the start of computation time. Network Modes


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    Mounting In Windows

    Unlike other operating systems, Microsoft Windows offers many types of file systems.Type for network and hard drives. Optimizes access to specified forecastsHard drives are fast and reliable, bit network drives have relatively high latencyand less reliability. With certain settings, it is always possible to distinguish between different types,for example, Windows Explorer should display icons clearly, not preview them.Thumbnails for image and video files available on network drives.

    cannot open configs/ mount data

    Add ConfigMap Data To Real Volume

    As described in Creating a ConfigMap For files, create a ConfigMap with –from-file, the filename becomes a hard key that is stored in the ConfigMap data pass. The contents of the file become the value of the key.

    Volume-mounted Configuration Trees

    Import definitions use URL-like formats for their values.If a location doesn’t have a prefix, it’s still considered a regular file or folder.On the other hand, if you use the configtree: prefix, you are telling Spring Boot that you can be sure that a Kubernetes-style Hardwood configuration is installed in that location.

    cannot open configs/ mount data

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.