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    Troubleshooting Debug And Trace Analysis

    You can enable some of these debugging features to troubleshoot caller ID functionality on routers. Altitude Port Module (VPM) signals debugging (vpm debug signal). popular fxs-loopstart debugs with caller id included. These debugs are analyzed in terms of their end router and router FXS connection; The caller ID is obtained for this purpose.

    Usage Policy

    This available command may be available on Cisco 800 series routers that may have regular POTS ports. The command is only effective if you are subscribed to a caller ID service. If you enable Caller ID on Router A without subscribing to Caller ID service, Caller ID information will not appear on the new phone screen. guidelines

    This is

    cisco debug caller id pri

    The Usage Command Displays A Call History Table Containing A List Of Fax Calls That Were Connected During The Router’s Timeout Policy.. The Maximum Number Of Calls Has Been Compressed In The Can Table To A Number Between 0 And 500 Using The Dial-control-mib Command In Global Configuration Mode. The Default Value For The Maximum Number Of Entries In The Number Table Is 35. Each Old Call Entry Is Displayed In The Table After A Configurable Number Of Minutes And Is Also Specified By The Dial-control-mib Command. The Default Timer Value Is 15 Minutes.

    ISDN PRI Setup

    This chapter describes the management of E1 circuit and T1 circuit in ISDN PRI, as well as two aspects of signaling for analog-enabled voice messages on digital trunks. Information about this will be posted in the relevant sections:

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