If you know how to stream using Shoutcast and Winamp, the following article will help you. g.Step 1 – Install Winamp.Step 2 – Install the Shoutcast DSP plugin.Step 3 – Launch the Shoutcast DSP plugin.Step 10 – Enter the Shoutcast Server Methods.Step 5 – configure the encoder.Step 6 – Improve the details of your station.Step 10 – Select a sound source.




How To Send Winamp To ShoutHost With Server?

What do you need.In the DSP Source window, select the Output tab.In the “Conclusion” section, findthose tab “Catalog”.Now select this dedicated encoder tab – under Encoder type select MP3 encoder.Before you start streaming, make sure it is streaming live or that you can come back to life at any time.

Step 1.)

For those who install on their computer, it is very easy to download the latest version of winamp
Download and install Winamp at the beginning (for Windows)
and download the plug-in SHOUTcast DSP for Winamp (Windows)

After customers have DSP installed, start Winamp, open Preferences (CTRL + P) and click the DSP / Effects subcategory in the plug-in tree. Please consider the following idea:

If you see SHOUTcast “nullsoft Source DSP v2.3.2” in your control panel, then you have the SHOUTcast Broadcast DSP plugin correctly.

SHOUTcast Source DSP

Step 2.)

Select the Output tab at the top of the DSP window. Select “Pin 1” below the selection box and fill in all of the following fields correctly.

You must enter the entire server here. This IP address is listed, which you can find in theThe welcome letter you learned. Make sure you entered the correct server address or internet protocol, otherwise you will not be ready to connect.

In your field, you will need to enter the port that you saw in the communique in your welcome email. It should probably contain 4 digits. Again, this key must be set correctly, otherwise you will not be able to establish a connection.

The last thing you need to do is enter the encoder (source) password, which is most often entered in the main welcome email. Put it here and make sure it’s just bugs. (One of the most common mistakes is using the and insert method. In most cases, a space is added during resolution, resulting in an invalid username and password error)

Step 3. Configuration)

Yellow Page (Details of Streaming Server Express) Click the Catalog tab above where you entered all the information related to the previous information.
If you probably want your server to be uploaded to the SHOUTcast directory, check the box next to “Make “This server is publicly available” and fill in all the information below accordingly.
Be sure to check the “Enable Track Updates” fields and the two “Auto” fields in
to display most of the custom tracks for the song currently playing.

Step 4.)

Encoder Settings (select the current audio format to choose)
the “Encoder” invoice at the top of your DSP window.
Make sure you have selected “Encoder 1” in some of the selection fields.
encoder type can be easily set to MP3 or AAC +, our servers support both. MP3 audio sounds great, but it is similar to almost all casino media players on the market. AAC + is fully compatible with Winamp and Windows Media Player (with plugin), but sounds much better in lower quality. Make sure you make the right choice.
In the “Encoder Settings” drop-down menu, enter the bitrate you ordered from us and make sure that the line you choose has at the end “Stereo”, so the separate sounds will definitely come from the two speakers for the listener.
Note. If we nwe are trying to stream at a higher speed than you ordered, you and your family will not be able to stream and your server may shut down.

Step 5.)

Input options (select the appropriate audio source)
Select the “Input” button at the top parts of the dsp window. If you don’t have any custom sound card input settings or don’t want to meet in your stream, select “Winamp” around the input device. Since sound cards are also different and individual, we cannot give instructions on the input sound card.

Step 6.)

Return to this output tab in your Windows DSP. Make sure output 1 is special, then click the Connect button. The status field above the button should contain the time “Bytes sent” xxxx.
Congratulations, you’ve started broadcasting audio!
Now you can open almost any Winamp compatible audio file in your musician and it will be streamed to the server.

How Do I Stream Live Decks?

To easily stream Shouthost live from your player, you probably needinstall exactly the software that will allow you to connect your personal player to your PC. Most entry-level turntables have a built-in USB or Firewire audio output so they can be easily connected to a PC. The turntable must be installed on the computer and detected as a valid audio listening device.

Turntables, most of which do not have a USB or FireWire audio output, are permanently connected to the PC through a long connector on a 1/8 ” stereo TV and plugged into a 1/8 ” stereo TV with a plug

Here Are The Cables That Can Be Used To Connect A Turntable To Make Sure You Are Using A PC:

Step 1.

Get a Dual Short 1/8 “Stereo to 1/8” two female stereo cables (also known as dual headphone splitter).

One jack is for current headphones (we assume that some headphones have the classic 1/8 “stereo output, of course a male jack), and the other for many of the line inputs on the PC-MP3 card.

In some cases, stereo 1/8 “- 1/8” cables may not be required if the player has more than one. If headphone jacks are no longer 1/8 “stereo, 1/4” adapters may be required Dining table may have cinch output, 1/8 “cinch stereo plug can be used in lid, insert curved table directly into line-in on sound card any person.

If every turntable has only 1/4 “stereo output, you will need a 1/8” stereo output, 1/4 “stereo will do. Plug the adapter into your stereo output. current turntable, the 1/8 “to 1/8” double short stereo cable.

Step 2.

The last cable you really need is the long stereo cable 1/8 “stereo to 1/8”.

Connect the headphones to one end of the double short 1/8 “stereo to 1/8” stereo cable, then it will take some time to connect the plug to the 1/8 “stereo plug. on the other end of the 1/8 “stereo cable. The long end of the set with the 1/8” stereo 1/8 “cable must be plugged into the jack. line-in sound card. ATTENTION: Before connectingcable to the auxiliary sound card, make sure the volume is set to minimum.

select the Output tab at the top of the DSP van window. Select Problem 1 from the radio button and fill in most of the following fields correctly.

how to broadcast using shoutcast and winamp

Here you need to hack the IP address of the intrusion server that you received in the welcome email on the way to you. Make sure you find the correct server or internet protocol address, otherwise you will not be able to connect.

In this field, you must enter the port that the person received in the welcome email. It is desirable to include 4 numbers. Again, this situation needs to be corrected, otherwise you will not be able to correct it.

how to broadcast using shoutcast and winamp

The last thing you need to enter is the encoder password (source code) that you received in your welcome email. Enter it here and make sure there are no errors. (Common errors use the same insertion method and method. In many cases, a space is added during the job, resulting in an incorrect security password error)

Input settings (selectthose are the source of the input songs)
Select the “Input” tab at the top of the Windows dsp. If you do not have a specific sound card key in the settings, you do not want to talk about the stream, or you want to talk, select “Winamp” on the input device. Because each sound card is different and individual, we cannot provide tutorials for an input sound card.

Return to the Output tab in the DSP window. I clearly indicate that “Output 1” is selected, then only the connect button. In the history area above the button there should be a time and “Byte sent” xxxx.
Congratulations, you are enjoying audio streaming!
Now you can open any new Winamp compatible music file in the player and stream this type of music to your servers.



Winamp supports Windows Media Video and Nullsoft Streaming Video playback. During installation, Winamp looks for media files in the user’s configuration to add to the media library database.

Download Winamp from the link above.Click Next and choose a location to install.Set complete factors (all functions).Installation completed.Usually select the installation location and then click Next.Select full installation and proceed to installation.