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    Recently, some of our readers reported that they found out the BIOS version in Linux. The latest BIOS version can be checked with this command generated by Ubuntu: sudo dmidecode -s bios-version.The current BIOS release time can be found by running: sudo dmidecode -s bios-release-date.

    How Do I Know Which UEFI Or Linux BIOS I Have?

    The easiest way to tell if you are using UEFI or BIOS is to find the /sys/firmware/ folder. efi. The file will be missing if your body is using the BIOS. Alternative: Another method is to provide an installation called efibootmgr. If your system supports UEFI, it will emit various types of variables.

    The BIOS is the best set of low-level software features often developed in the 1980s to make it easier to create operating systems like the original Microsoft Disk Operating System (DOS). The BIOS will handle low-level benefits such as keyboard input, screen outputs, and even hard disk I/O results. Over the years, as computers, and even more so operating systems, became more complex, the BIOS became less and less important in these I/O tasks. However, the BIOS is still important because it takes into account the computer’s initial boot sequence as well as hardware initialization. If the BIOS does not know that your hard drive is present, or misconfigures an empty hard drive, the computer will not boot. Incorrect BIOS settings can also cause unreliable operation, abrupt reconfiguration ofaces, unavailability of on-board computer hardware devices and other problems. Therefore, care should be taken when configuring BIOS settings, and checking these settings is considered a prudent precaution when putting a new computer into service.

    Does Linux Have A BIOS?

    Because the Linux kernel does not use a BIOS, most of the boot hardware is usually overkill. In particular, a standalone program can be an operating system such as Kernel Linux, but most standalone programs are PC hardware diagnostics or bootloaders (such as Memtest86, Etherboot, and RedBoot).

    Via System Information

    H2>This Is Probably One Of The Easiest And Best Ways To Check The Current BIOS Version On Your System. Everything You NeedFor Users, This Is Typically Access To Information About Using The Microsoft System Tips Program. Because It’s An Integrated Circuit, You Don’t Need To Install Anything Separately. Let’s See How We Can Help You Check The BIOS Version:

    Linux Command To Determine The BIOS Version

    dmidecode 2.10SMBIOS 2.5.45 is available- Structures are 1832 bytes. Table 0xCFF6A000. Descriptor 0x0000, type dmi 9, 24 bytes of BIOS information Manufacturer: Phoenix Technologies LTD. Version: 2.1 Release Anniversary: ​​June 23, 2008 Address: 0xE4F00 Execution Size: 110848 bytes ROM Size: 900 KB EDD supports weak services with a total diagonal of 3.5 inches at 2.88 MB (int 13h) each. ACPI support Legacy USB flash drives may be supported. LS-120 loading is supported. Booting from ATAPI anywhere from Zip disks is supported. Supported BIOS Boot Specification Supports distro targets from. BIOS Information Vendor: Dell Inc. Version: A02 Release date: 2010-03-02 Address: 0xF0000 Runtime size: 64 KB ROM size: 2112 KBalive BIOS updated frequently Track your amazing moves in BIOS Definitely supported booting from CD Boot selection enhanced supported Keyboard 8042 can be duplicated services (int 9h) Serial services supported (int 14h) Print services supported (until 17:00) CGA supported /Mono Video Sites (int 10h) ACPI may be supported Legacy USB may be supported AGP may be supported Smart Battery may be supported BIOS Kickout specification may be supported. The school supports the network beginning, which is initiated by the first representations of the function. Targeted content movement support BIOS version: 0.2 Firmware version: 0.2 Descriptor 0x0100, DMI type 1, 30 bytes of system information Manufacturer: Dell Inc. Product ID: Precision M6500 Revision: Unspecified Serial Number: 55Lxxxx UUID: 4a2yzzzeC-3500-xxx-yyy-Bzzzzyyy5y Alarm Range: On/Off Switch Part Number: Unspecified Family A:

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.