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    If you’re getting an error code on how to fix Fat PS2 disc read errors, today’s blog post is here to help. And what needs to be finished, the turn of PS. Two and let the thing open. So you have to play with this equipment. And you really spin it, I think it’s one of those cogs you really have to spin.

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    There are many reasons a PS2 cannot read a floppy disk. Usually, the hard disk or laser enclosure inside the disk is usually dirty. Sometimes the hard drive gets damaged and your data becomesare unreadable. Finally, on older devices, the laser can fail and stop working.

    how to fix disc read error on fat ps2

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    To run the diagnostic tool, turn on all your PS2s and go to the browser menu. Select the system gallery. Then select Diagnostics from one of the submenus and press X. Press the On button And insert the disc.

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    My PS2 was a later Fattys model. SCPH-5001 to be precise. The internals aren’t really the same as your own oily PS2. But I tell him anyway that you will read it again, read what I did and see if the program matches what you just saw in yours. Step 2: open the PS2 case. Reduce your PS2 benefits.


    Registered PS2 Users

    Put the lid back on the plate, turn on the game and/or see if it works. If they work, don’t open it, go up again and move the gear a little more. They test games, gold/silver and then blue. If your Ne ps2 doesn’t actually work, try cleaning the lens with a cotton swab.

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    how to fix disc read error on fat ps2

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    Introduction: Fixing PS2 Disk Read Errors.

    Slightly new approach to fixing disk read errors due to PS2 related issues.

    Soooo never, isn’t this the airsoft shotgun tutorial I provided. A little thing that might have happened along the way.

    Remove the respective covers using a flat head screwdriver.After removing the cover, the top of the reader was still visible.Carefully pry off the top of the drive and you will see a clean lens to the side for reading the disc.Thoroughly clean the disc playback laser lens with a damp cotton swab.

    My Playstation 2 died the other day.
    I just played San gta: Andreas. Towards the end, there were a few random clicks and a reading screen of a disk functioning error. But he seemed to keep catching up and made me play longer.
    This made me think others about problems with turning. I had a sharp rumble, sometimes a creak. noises until it is completely out of order.

    I knew I had to do something. I’ve seen components being replaced in places like Extreme, so I thought there must be a solution for you. Instructables was our first place I went.
    The little things here make it possible. The only thingthis tutorial talked about cleaning the eye with a laser, which I highly doubted was such an obstacle, how exactly could I click on the technical audition.

    I searched and found many tutorials on the Internet, but some of them were on the idea that the laser eye is dirty and that cleaning will allow the system to play some flash games but not DVDs, the gears can’t capture the motor or gear some crap.
    They said the gear that needed to be turned was the one that adjusted the height of the laser beam.
    And here’s my first problem. The models they showed had a white gear in the center of the build, mine didn’t. So did I.
    They also said it probably wouldn’t work with all the games and movies. Probably just games.
    Eventually I found out that someone else was talking about my model with two little things a little deeper inside that have the same thing.

    I am a smart person and I usually drink . While I am editing projects in this way, the function, ignore which asks you to re-mark the position in which the gear was from the very beginning. So I guess I screwed up from the start.
    N I continued. I did what they said and said I also tried different heights for the beam until on the third try I had no clicks and it seemed exceptional for reading games. However, when I inserted the show, it started to click, and if so, it could see more or less from the beginning, it would give me a disk scan error in the future.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.