You may encounter an error code indicating problems with the Disk Cleanup utility. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we’ll talk about now.


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    The Disk Cleanup tool will most likely remove unwanted programs and virus-infected versions that affect the image of your computer. Maximum increase in disk space. The ultimate benefit of cleaning up your company’s hard drive is to maximize your computer’s valuable storage space, increase speed, and/or improve functionality.

    For now, here are the fixes you can try if the Disk Cleanup tool works fine on your actual Windows 11/10 PC: Delete temporary files manually. Run System File Checker (SFC). fix Try this along with the DISM tool.

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    Dying in Windows 10 should be your monthly task if you need to free up more hard drive space and rid your operating system of junk files when you’re not using them.

    problems with the disk cleanup utility

    However, there are a number of issues with Windows 10 Disk Cleanup, especially as it hangs at certain stages of the cleanup process. Probably

    it freezes a lot at the stage when it may not delete temporary files. Therefore, we usually see what we can do to fix the problems that you are actually experiencing despite using the Windows 10 disk process repair.

    What To Do If The Cleanup Is Not Running?

    If you have a corrupted temporary file on your computer, Disk Cleanup will not work properly.Basically. You can try deleting small files to fix the issue. special person. Go to the start menu, select %temp% and press Enter.

    1. Perform SFC Scan
    2. Delete temporary files
    3. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
    4. use noteUseful alternative disk cleanup software

    1. Run SFC Scan

    1. Press and hold the Windows logo key and the X key on your keyboard.
    2. In the menu that appears (left click) in Command Prompt (Admin)
    3. Enter sfc in the /scannow window
    4. you
    5. Next is for you to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the scan.
    6. Reboot your computer to finish after the exact SFC scan.
    7. Try running Windows 10 Disk Cleanup again.

    2. Delete Temporary Files Manually

    Deleting temporary files can really help if you’re having a problem. Here are most of the steps you need to follow:

    1. Go to the start menu by typing %temp% in the search field > hit enter.
    2. Right-click the technical distribution, select Files > Delete.
    3. Restart your computer and run Disk Cleanup again to see if this fixes the problem.

    3. Runupdate Those Windows Troubleshooters

    Solution 1 – Run the Windows Update troubleshooterSolution 2 – Delete the SoftwareDistribution.à foldersolution two three: uninstall Windows. old file.Solution 4 – Run DISM SFC5:solution and run Disk Cleanup in Clean Boot.All

    Here is the exact version of Windows Troubleshooter in Windows 8.Windows pressed 1:

    1. hold down the logo key and the W key.
    2. Let’s start troubleshooting to try and figure out which field came up. About
    3. press the program Enter on our own keyboard.
    4. Click (left click) any window you link to on the left to display it.
    5. Search, click and (left click) on the lists all appearing during the update window.
    6. Click (left expanded click) located at the bottom of the window.
    7. Click (left click “Run as administrator”.
    8. Click (left click) “Next” at the bottom of the window.
    9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
    10. After completing these steps, restart your computer and watch the cleanup process again.

    How to run the Windows Update troubleshooter in 10


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    Run windows troubleshooterWindows 10 updates are much easier than Windows 8.1. All your business needs to do is update Settings > Security > Troubleshooting > select and run the troubleshooter. Yes

    problems with the disk cleanup utility

    Here are four ways to fix disk cleanup in Windows 10.

    For more thoughts on this topic or possible workarounds, feel free to use the comments section below.

    Passionate about everything related to Windows, combined with his innate curiosity, Ivan has a deep understanding of this operating system and an engineering specialization in drivers and driver troubleshooting. When she doesn’t get down to business…more

    • Removing Reading unnecessary items to avoid clutter should be a process, not an isolated habit.
    • If a Disk Cleanup tool currently decides it definitely won’t work, don’t delay removing it. The utility was fixed with these simple steps.
    • For more information about the results, see our cleaning guides fore disk.
    • Take a close look at the Windows 10 Troubleshooting Center to keep your PC clean and clear. and free anytime.

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  • 4.Use A Different Disk Cleanup Software

    Most items in Disk Cleanup are safe to remove. But if your computer isn’t working properly, removing some of these things can prevent you from uninstalling updates, rolling back your operating system, or simply fixing a problem, so they’re handy to have on hand when you have space.

    Our survival solution is also the simplest: if the hard drive won’t clean up, consider using alternative software like Ashampoo WinOptimizer to clean and optimize your hard drive.

    This is a complete new set of next-gen heavy-duty tweaks and cleaners that includes 37 adventures covering everything you need to keep your PC in top shape, from security, maintenance, privacy, deep scans to repairs. tools.

    The utility is very easy to use and you can configure it to periodically clean up your amazing computer in the background without interfering with other tasks.

    almost everything in Disk Cleanup can be safely removed. But just in case your PC isn’t working properly, removing some of these things can prevent you from uninstalling updates, simply restarting your operating system, or fixing a problem, so they’re useful if you need to stay put often.

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