In the past few days, some users have come across rundll32 virus error code from Windows host process. There are many factors that can cause this problem. Let’s discuss it now.

g.The rundll32.exe step is not a virus. However, the device does not need the process that it is tracking in the Task Manager to usually be the original process. Sometimes infections or malware can be tagged as rundll32.exe in order to hide them. If your company suspects that the file is a huge virus, it should perform a full virus scan of the system.




Factual Information rundll32.exe is a software component that Microsoft Windows operating system from Itemprop = “author” Microsoft Corporation.
RunDLL32 .exe is a Microsoft Windows host process (or DLL launch, essentially an application), a powerful selection tool from Windows Vista and Windows Server. On 32-bit Windows systems, they are located in “C: Windows System32”. For 64-bit processes, there are two “rundll32.Processes exe” in ” System32″ and ” SysWOW64″ to call 64-bit or 32-bit DLLs. Any other place where this process is almost certainly referred to as a disguised Trojan or Grain malware, especially in subfolders of the user profile folder. Code in dynamic link library (.DLL) files usually does not run concurrently; he must be contacted by the process. Library files reduce RAM and disk usage by segmenting the code loaded into active memory and allow multiple applications to call a single copy of a frequently used operation (or “method”). Developers, knowAnyone with Windows API method names can use rundll32.exe instruction scripts to call specific devices in specific DLLs to execute Windows functions remotely and / or on a functional schedule.

The .exe filename extension refers to the executable file. In some cases, executable files can damage your device. Read below to decide for yourself if rundll32.exe is still a Trojan horse on your computer that you need to remove, or if it is a file that you need to remove Itemprop =. belongs to “operatingSystem”> Windows

Information About Lodge Rundll32.exe

Rundll32.exe in Windows Task Manager Process

Description. The original Microsoft rundll32.exe file is undoubtedly an important part of Windows, but it often causes problems. Rundll32.exe is sometimes found in the C: Windows System32 folder, or maybe in the C: Windows folder.The known file ratios in Windows 10/8/7 / XP are 33,280 bytes (35% of all cases), 44,544 bytes and 23 other variants. / rundll32.exe.html
This is usually the bff42538 service.
Rundll32.exe is a new Windows kernel system file. This will be a Microsoft signed file. The e-book is not visible.Therefore, a technical safety rating of 7% is dangerous, but users should also consider each other’s ratings.

Virus With The Same Image Name

If you’ve ever used Windows Task Manager to view the processes running on your computer, you can no doubt see the rundll32 process. Windows Expert Rundll32.exe is safe and cannot destroy your computer; No need to be removedb him or stop someone’s process.


rundll32.exe a virus? There is no next one. The real rundll32.exe declares a safe Microsoft Windows course process called “Windows Host Process”.Malware creators love viruses simply because worms and Trojans deliberately give personal processes the same file name and avoid detection. Viruses with the same file name include WS.Reputation.1 By (detected by Symantec) and Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector.ebsj to Trojan.Win32.Zapchast.acbp (detected by Kaspersky).
To ensure that no malicious rundll32.exe is on your PC, click here to run a free malware scan.

  • If rundll32.exe is safely located in the C: Windows folder, the security rating is 8% fatal. The file size is 44 544 by а (69% of all cases) and 45,056 bytes for the other nine options.There is no functional window in the program. It is a complete base system file for Windows. This is an eligible file signed by Microsoft.
  • If rundll32.exe is indeed located in a subfolder of the defined user profile folder , saving rating is 71% dangerous. The file length and size are 24,576 bytes (16% of all cases), 120,992 bytes and 20 other variants.It is no longer a basic Windows file. There is no software description. There are no visible windows in the program. The process starts when Windows starts (see Registry key: MACHINE Run , Run , user machine runonce , folder wrapper , DEFAULT Runce , DEFAULT Run , RunOnce ).Rundll32.exe is indeed capable of recording keyboard and / or mouse input and monitoring applications.
  • If rundll32.exe is located in Windows Permanent Files Folder , the security rating is often 48% dangerous. The file is of type 310,359 bytes (75% of all cases) or even 44,544 bytes.
  • If rundll32.exe is located in the best subdirectory “C: Program Files”, the security level is 74% dangerous. The file value exceeds 5,541,945 bytes (in 33% of cases), 1,067,520 bytes, or 290,816 bytes.
  • If rundll32.exe is stored in Windows folder currently for files , the security rating could be 77% dangerous. The file size was 20,480 bytes (50% of all cases) or even 737,280 bytes.
  • If rundll32.exe is located in the current subdirectory C: Windows System32, the security rating is 49% dangerous. The file size is 167,936 bytes (almost 50% of the time) or 376,851 bytes.
  • If rundll32.exe is located in subfolders C: , the insecurity rating is 24%. The file size is 44,544 bytes.

External information from Paul Collins:
There are different files with the same name:

  • “BatInfEx” can be executed during the whole The loading process. Displays information about the battery status of the IBM Thinkpad.
  • “LoadPowerProfile” is not absolutely necessary. Added by MIROOT WORM! Note. Don’t confuse it with the most important valid LoadPowerProfile entry, which adds “powrprof.dll” to the / data command line.
  • “Rundll32” is absolutely unnecessary. Added by DVLDR TROJAN! Note. This is never a valid “Rundll32.exe” file as it is located in the Windows Fonts
  • directory

  • “rundll32” is not required. Added by SANKER Note earthworm! that the actual file “rundll32.exe” is in C: Windows System32 and this version is in C: Windows
  • “TaskMan” is definitely not required. Added – Trojan DVLDR! Note. This is no longer a valid “rundll32.exe” file as it is located in the Windows Fonts
  • directory.

  • UPDATE HOOK: Rundle ??
  • The “win32 bootloader” is definitely not required. Added by SDBOT.A TROJAN! Note. Rundll32.exe is an actual Windows application named Run DLL as Application and is stored in the C: Windows Service folder. The version created by these viruses is saved in the C: Windows System
  • directory

  • The Windows DLL Loader is definitely not required.

Important: notwhich malware masquerades as rundll32.exe, especially if they are not found in all C: Windows System32 folders. Therefore, if you need to check the rundll32.exe process on your computer, check if it is a specific threat. We recommend using the Security Task Manager to keep your computer safe. It was one of the best download options associated with The Washington Post PC World and.

The Best Company For Solving Rundll32 Problems

window host process rundll32 virus

Keeping your computer clean and tidy is the most important task to avoid problems with rundll32. This means you run an adware scan, clean up your hard drive by trying 1cleanmgr 2sfc / scannow, and uninstall 3 programs that owners no longer need, find startup programs (using 4msconfig) and 5 automatically update Windows. Always remember to make backups very regularly, or at least with specific restore points.

If you have a major new problem, try to remember the last thing you or your last installation installed before the problem occurred Another problem. Use the 6resmon command to find out which processes are causing your current problem. Even with serious problems like reinstalling Windows, it is best to restore your installation of possibly Windows for version 8 and later by executing the command 7DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth without getting any simpler data.

To help you analyze the practice of using rundll32 the.exe on your computer, the following options were found to be useful: The Security Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including built-in processes hidden like the keyboard and navigator, possibly keeping track of autostart entries. A clear security rating indicates the likelihood that they are all dealing with spyware, malware, or a single Trojan horse. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware also detects, but also removes sleeping spyware, Trojans, adware, keyloggers, adware and trackers from your hard drive.

Other Processes

window host process rundll32 virus

safemon.dll wlidnsp.dll monitor.exe rundll32.exe launcher.exe onedrive.exe services.exe sdhelper.dll searchindexer.exe lmanager.exe suptab.dll [all]



Log in to Windows with a good administrator account.Remove or restore almost all drivers (especially if it is a Vid driver).Run your antivirus software and perform a full system scan.

Rundll32.exe is a great application for running common stored functions. dll data. However, sometimes, note that most spyware programs use the same filename and run from a different directory to disguise themselves.