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    This guide is designed to help you if your Windows 2000 system file does not contain an error code.

    Such behavior is observed if only one of the following conditions is met:

    • A PCI ATA66 controller card from Promise Technology, Inc. is installed in the computer. This problem usually occurs on Windows 2000. Installation process. (What a process, which of course is not the cause in your case.)
    • Click the Start button, then click All Programs.Click Accessories, then click System Tools.Click System Restore, then click Recover to a Legacy Restore Point.

      The system hive in the registry is corrupted or missing.

      Windows 2000 may not load the registry if the IT size is too large. This problem must necessarily arise if the process has a large amount of data in System registry subkey. The system subsection is intended for have only the information you need to start your computer.

      Computers based on Intel architecture or ARC logging (RISC) can only use 16 (MB) MB of memory with this action. startup process. There is a subkey in the system registry to free up all 16 MB. with boot machine, kernel, HAL and boot drivers. In some cases type, the system subkey can be 16 MB or more.

    2.1 Fix # 1: Recover Damaged PC with Easy Recovery Essentials.2.2 Fix # 2: Restart your computer in “Last Known Good Configuration”2.3 Fix # 2: Check the entire file system of the hard disk using the CHKDSK utility.2.4 Fix # 3: Manually restore the computer’s registry.

    By the way, the letters “ced” at the end associated with the error message are not necessarily meare part of the error message. The previous screen contained these letters, but was not completely cleared when their error message appeared.


    I’m only listing the second round part, as the first potential reason just doesn’t apply in your case.

    Restore this system structure backup

    Method 1: repair PCI. sys using the Recovery Console.Method 2: Change BIOS settings.Method 3: Also uninstall the operating system again.Method 4: replace the RAM module.Method 5: change the estimated hard drive size

    IMPORTANT! This procedure does not work on a good Active Directory domain controller because if you end up using the REPAIR human body hive folder, you are no longer a domain controller.

    Run the Windows installation CD and launch the Recovery Console.Type fixmbr and press Enter to restore the master boot record.Type fixboot and press Enter to repair the boot sector.Check if the file system on the hard disk is damaged, if any.

    Use the Repair Console tool to back up your system. hive from support folder. If the Repair Console campaign isn’t working installed on that particular computer, you can launch it from Emergency Repair Process:

    1. Use any Windows 2000 CD or Windows 2000 boot disk to start this computer.
    2. When you see me say “Welcome to the installer,” press R to fix it.
    3. Press C to launch the Recovery Console.
    4. Choose frominstallation to be fixed.
    5. Enter your boss’s password.

    If the computer is a domain controller, enter the recovery directory service mode password when you are likely to be prompted too much information about the recovery console app, click on it Article numbers in the following paragraph to display articles as Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    windows 2000 system file missing

    239803 How to change the Recovery Console administrator password on a great domain controller 223301 Protecting the Administrator Account in Standalone SAM

    1. In the command line of the Recovery Console, create the following commands, then press ENTER and enter each command:

      cd system32 config

      ren system.old

      ren system.alt systemalt.old

    2. If you ran the Rescue Disk Wizard from Windows Backup and Restore, copy a backup of the current system structure from % SystemRoot% Repair Regback folder.

      If someone did not run the Rescue Disk Wizard, copy the system traversal structure from the% SystemRoot% Repair folder…

      IMPORTANT: you must be able to restore the latest copy by referring to the system structure. Sometimes you need to reinstall every hardware device that has or Programs that run as services that you have installed since the last time that you updated the rescue disk.

      To copy the default system hive, enter the following command in addition to the ENTER key:


      copy c: winnt repair system c: winnt system32 config

      To copy a system tree that was backed up last season, you ran the hot standby wizard, typed get and then ENTER:


      copy c: winnt repair regback system c: winnt system32 config

    3. At the command prompt, type goodbye and press Enter to change computers.

    Reduce the size of this system hive

    windows 2000 system file missing

    Typically, if a computer uses multiple resources, the computer can become too large. Use unique steps to diagnose this problem.

    1. Start the computer editor (Regedt32.exe).
    2. Also, usually look in the registry for the following section: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services LanmanServer Share
    3. Click “Save Key” in any registry menu.
    4. in the File name box, range, then click Save.
    5. Find the following click and cue point in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    6. Click Load Hive in the registration menu.
    7. In the list of files, click System.File, click alt, then click Open.
    8. Enter System.old in your keybox name or click OK.
    9. Find and click the following sections in the general registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM Select
    10. Note the default.
    11. Find the breakpoint in the registry and click on it. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System. old controlsetx services lanmanserver share

      where x is our own number, which you wrote down in 8.

    12. Click “Save key to connect to registration”.
    13. Enter

    14. in the File Name field, Shares.old, and click Save.
    15. Restore all keys to the Windows System.old registry hive on your computer: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System.old ControlSetx Services LanmanServer Shares
    16. Click the new key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System.old.
    17. Click “Unload Hive” in the registration menu.
    18. Close the registry editor.
    19. Restart your personal computer in the recovery console.
    20. In the exact answer, enter the following lines and press Enter after entering each line for your company: system policy rendering. organization

      ren system.old system

    21. At a command prompt, press the exit key, and then press Enter to restart the computer.


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