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  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    If you find that the Apple Start Menu for Windows XP is loading, this User Guide may help.



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    Start Menu X With Start Button

    download apple start menu for windows xp

    The Start X menu is a replacement for the system menu for professionals. Compatible with Windows 11
    Food lovers know how tedious and tedious it is to run programs from an entire menu system.
    We’ve created a cleaner for you!

    • Virtual Teams

      Group programs for good reason (Office apps, graphics, etc.) when you don’t have themchange your scheduleAn attachment on the hard drive.

    • Start With One Click

      The PRO version allows you to assign a main program if you have a folder andDon’t forget to just click on that folder.

    • Flexible Configuration

      download apple start menu for windows xp

      Create a menu according to your taste! Edit the structure and add tabs.

    • Years Of Menu Experience

      Start X is the perfect embodiment of our 7 years of experience in expanding alternative menu solutions.

    Virtual Teams


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    Have group programs for this purpose only (office applications, graphics, etc.)change its location on all hard drives.

    Start With One Click

    The PRO version allows you to assign a main instrument to each folder as well,You just need to launch it by clicking on the folder type.

    Flexible Configuration

    Customize the menu as you wish! Change the structure and include things like tabs.

    Years Of Experience

    Start Menu X is a vivid embodiment of our 7 years of experience in developing alternative solutions For the menu.


    Windows 9 – Windows 11 (32 & 64 bit)
    Free software!

    One-click Launch

    This is our owner of a unique feature. Start Menu X replaces the most important yellow folder symbols with values. Clicking on the file launches the application. Hover over the folder for a few seconds to access the submenu. For them, the launch and the running application must first be automatically detected. The last application you run will become the “default application” for this folder.

    Using this feature has impaired your visual memory and greatly improved your ability to find and launch applications.

    Virtual Teams

    Divide any folder into virtual communities without changing the location of songs on your hard drive. The virtual groups of boxes are folded and unfolded. You can spend less time looking for assets and changing the presentation of information to suit your situation. This feature first appearedIt is in the X start menu and is our invention.

    The group can be collapsed, and its contents can be called up by simply moving the cursor.

    The group can be enlarged and its content can be displayed directly in the menu.

    Access From Anywhere On Your Computer


    Unfortunately, the folder shortcuts have been removed from the Windows 9 system menu. Most likely, you will get a list of applications and it will be difficult to access the control group from the menu.

    Glad you have X Start Menu! Most programs allow you to customize a set of folders. A wide selection of 25 system folders and the ability to add your own directories or applications are what you ask for from a menu tailored to your individual needs.

    Full Screen Application

    Windows 11 System Gallery and other apps that thoughtlessly burned the Windows 7 menus, forcingLet your whole family use a small window to select applications. As a result, you will have to constantly scroll through this list and do many unnecessary mouse steps.

    We have fixed an issue near the UI. The contents of the folder are related to the use of the entire screen, and the purchase of the app depends only on the speed of your eyes. Combined with the one-click launch feature, these specific results are stunning.

    Timer Control

    Without any plans or extra effort, you can activate the timer directly in the zone you set to provide a delay when shutting down or putting computer systems into hibernation. This feature is undoubtedly useful for people who like to leave their computer on overnight to work on resource-intensive tasks with those who like to listen to music on the go and more.



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.