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    If you have Outlook 2003 error 1706 on your system, this blog post will help you fix it. g.Error 1706 occurs when the Microsoft Office CD is inserted into the CD to install or restore only one or more features. This error is caused by an incorrect location for the installation file. This should also happen if you are going to install software from an inaccessible login location.




    Error code 1706 refers to an MS Office installation. In Office 2003, 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 2016, you can get all errors. You may get a collage with an error message.


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    Error 1706. The installer cannot select the files it needs. Check network connection, CD-ROM or drive. All possible solutions to this problem can be found in C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office10 1033 Setup.hlp.

    Fix It With Advanced System Restore

    error 1706 outlook 2003

    The most common cause of MS Office error 1706 is corrupted, corrupted or compromised system files such as dll files, exe files, sys files, etc. There are undoubtedly thousands of small system files that are suitable for a particular task. If you try to remove or damage any of thefiles, you can just get MS Error Office 1706.

    Also download the advanced system recovery tool and run it on your PC. It has a large database with 25 million files. It finds nearly damaged or deleted system files and recovers the entire file with a new single file. After optimizing with Advanced System Restore, try installing MS Office again.


    This error can occur for several reasons. Some will recognize them below.

    1. Initially, you installed Office from a pretty setup for network administration.
    2. Network certificate installation is no longer available.
    3. You are trying to use the Office CD when you are actually prompted by the Windows Installer available for your original Office location.
    4. Just click Cancel when prompted to insert the CD. 1:


    Step The first MS Office installation CD on the CD.
    Step only: open the Run dialog box, run the command and click OK.

    error 1706 outlook 2003

    CD-ROM Drive: Setup-CD-ROM / a
    Where nahA message is displayed for your CD-ROM drive.

    Step 3. Now enter the storage location in Harddirect where you want to install MS Office. Enter your product key with one click plus OK.
    Step 4: Click OK when the actual installation is complete.
    Step 5: Follow the general steps outlined in the Using an Alternative Network Administrative Installation section. You can change the environment of the Office source file for administrative installation to your amazing local hard drive.

    You can also reinstall Office to clear error code 1706. It has always been noted that after upgrading from Windows 7/8 / 8.1 to Windows 10, this MS error appears in Office. The reason can be described as that when you update your own Windows driver, it also needs updating. You will need to update all drivers and software installed on your computer. It can be difficult to find all outdated drivers manually, so it is recommended to use Advanced System Repair Tool as Repair Tool 1706.

    • 3 steps to fix this type of error

    What Is Error 1706?

    Error 1706 may be a Windows PC error. It starts when you insert the Microsoft Office Recovery CD or install a feature set to help you get started. The error message is displayed in the following format:

    Error 1706. The installer cannot believe the files it needs. Check your connection to access your network, CD, or floppy drive. For more information on possible solutions to this problem, see C: Program Files Microsoft Office Office101033 Setup.hlp.


    Raises An Error

    • You have installed MS Office with a good setup for network administration.
    • You are trying to use the Office CD when Windows Setup prompts you for the original location of Office.
    • Viral infection

    Additional Information And Manual Repairs

    The correct press release says this error code is not fatal. However, in order to avoid any problems, it is advised to fix the error immediately. We do not need to look for a programmer or hire a specific specialist to solve a problem. In fact, this error is easy to fix with computer code.

    Here are some of the best and easiest ways to identify error 1706 on your computer:

    Method 1

    To resolve this issue, find another official installation in the location of the original Office registry.

    To do this, go to each Start menu and click Open. In the box, just open this command prompt, format the new TV pathSetup.exe / fvm packagename.msi and click OK to continue and update the changes. When the update is complete, click OK to save and continue.

    Note that Windows Installer will optionally use this new web server location after following this path so that it can be reinstalled, repaired, or added to your Office installation.

    Method 2

    Another innovative way to solve this method is to simply use the CD as the original Office location. To do this, each person must remove Office, and then reinstall Office from the CD.

    The following are instructions for frequently uninstalling an Office program. Close all Office programs first.

    1. Go to Control Panel and select Programs and Features.
    2. Now double-click the Add / Remove routines and uninstall the Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office XP typing product installed on your PC.
    3. Then click the Maintenance Mode Options dialog box, select Uninstall Office and click Next to continue.
    4. Click “Yes” to confirm the changes.
    5. Now insert the Office 2003 or Office XP CD and / or follow the installation dialog boxes to reinstall the program on your system from the CD.

    Download Restoro To Fix Registry Errors

    However, to ensure that the installation was successful this time, it is recommended that you clean the registry to ensure that the uninstalled program is clearly present in the registry.

    To do this, in particular, download Restoro and run this task on your computer. This is a professional PC repairman,integrated into the PC registry cleaner.

    Registry.cleaner removes all unnecessary files and deleted schema files that are stored in the registry. After cleaning the registry, try installing MS Office again. This will fix error 1706.



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.