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Here are some simple methods to help you determine where the desktop background is stored in Windows XP.


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  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Honorable. The Windows interface saves the user’s current desktop background (from any source) through the directory: C: Documents and Settings “Users” Local Settings Application Data Microsoft under the name wallpaper1. bmp

    SQL * Loader-941: Error Writing to Table IMDB_TOP_250
    ORA-04043: object IMDB_TOP_250 exists

    do not load data
    infile “imdb_top_250.csv” badfile “imdb_top_250.bad” throwfile “imdb_top_250.dsc”
    insert directly into table IMDB_TOP_250
    Fields ending in ‘,’ after null columns

    I feel like I have a problem with the SQL loader when I try to send data to the table that is there. However, for some reason, SQL Loader is returning errors. The table is definitely in the pluggable database, whether it means something or not, I’m not sure, but wanted to post it in the following case, it helps to know where exactly the hook is.


      (SKIP = 1)DOWNLOAD DATAINFILE '/home/joshua/Practice_Data/Fitness_DB_Data/aug_2019_hiking_stats.csv'INSERT WALKING_STATS INTO TABLEFIELDS, CLOSED "," OPTIONAL CLOSED "" "(day_walked, cal_burned, miles_walked, duration, miwhether per hour, Shoe_id) 

    I tried to use the INTO TABLE clause in two different ways: just with the setup table (shown in this example) with the schema name (for example, C ## bigdaddy.walking_stats) and as a result with pdb prefix as safe (e.g. walk_data.c ## bigdaddy.walking_stats).

    where does the desktop background stored in windows xp

    Several SQL commands to check if a table exists (at least as far as I know, since I'm new to Oracle DB):

      SQL> sho con_name;CON_NAME------------------------------WALKING_DATA 
      SQL> selects user during double;USER-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------C ## BIGDADDI 
      SQL> desc walk_stats; Name zero? A type ----------------------------------------- -------- - ---------------------------------------- DAY_WALKED DATE CAL_BURNED NUMBER (4.2) MILES TRAVELED (3.2) permanent time stamp (6) MPH (2.1) SHOE_ID NUMBERSQL> select number (*) from walk_stats;  CHECK(*)----------     0 
      SQL> select - in a tab;TNAME TABTYPE CLUSTERID------------- ------------- ----------ARRAY WALKING_STATS 
      SQL> select table_name, state of user_tables, including table_name = 'WALKING_STATS';TABLE_NAME-STATUS------------- --------WALKING_STATS ACTION ITELESS where does the desktop background stored in windows xp

      SQL> select owner, object name, object type, status all_objects, where master = 'C ## BIGDADDY';OWNER OBJECT_NAME OBJECT_TYPE STATUS-------------- -------------- -------------- ----- --- -------C ## BIGDADDY WALKING_STATS REAL TABLESQL> select owner, object_name, object_type, mapping from all_objects where object_name equals 'WALKING_STATS';OWNER OBJECT_NAME OBJECT_TYPE STATUS-------------- -------------- -------------- ----- --- -------C ## BIGDADDY WALKING_STATS REAL TABLE 

    The first lines of the main CSV file will definitely be here:

      day_walked, cal_burned, miles_walked, duration, miles per hour, Shoe_id2019-08-01,358.1,3.53,01: 05: 51,3.2,62019-08-02,354.7,3.46,01: 05: 12.3.2,62019-08-04,354.2,3.55,01: 05: 07,3.3,62019-08-05,351,3,3,52,01: 04: 36,3,3,6 

    Finally, run the sqldr command line on the command line with the repository path with the argument you see both sys and C ## BIGDADDY (one of which has INSERT privileges on its own table):

      joshua @ linux-t1zu: ~> sqlldr control = '/home/joshua/Practice_Data/Fitness_DB_Data/upload_stats.ctl'Username: sys as sysdbaPassword:SQL * Loader: Version - Production Aug 6 07:43:05 2019Version o (c) 1982, 2018 and / or Oracle and its affiliates. All rights reserved.Path used: normalSQL * Loader-941: Unable to replace table WALKING_STATSORA-04043: object does not exist walk_stats 


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      joshua @ linux-t1zu: ~> sqlldr control = '/home/joshua/Practice_Data/Fitness_DB_Data/upload_stats.ctl'Username: C ## BIGDADDIPassword:SQL * Loader: Version - October production at 07:44:52, 2019Version (c) 1982, 2018 and / or Oracle and its affiliates. All rights reserved.Path used: normalSQL * Loader-941: Error in drill down on table WALKING_STATSORA-04043: object WALKING_STATS absolutely does not exist 

    Personally, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. All thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated.I am using Oracle 18c XE and have installed openSuse on Leap 15.0 if that helps.Thanks in advance.

    Two things I've found that may or may not help. First of all, as shown below, the user SYS cannot directly connect to pdb and continue to execute the alter and session that attached the container after rooting the Container Spread. Dice table walk_stats not visible for which user SYS :

      joshua @ linux-t1zu: ~> sqlplus SYS / password_here @ WALKING_DATA    SQL * Plus: Version - Production Oct 6 10:39:38 AM 2019    Version    Copyright (c) 1982, Oracle 2018 ,. All rights reserved.    ERROR:    ORA-12154: TNS: unable to resolve specified login id   Enter username: SYS AS SYSDBA   Enter password:    Affiliated:    Oracle Database 18c Express Edition version - production   Version    SQL> sho con_name;    CON_NAME    ------------------------------    CDB $ ROOT    SQL> change event container set = WALKING_DATA;    The session has changed.    SQL> sho con_name;    CON_NAME    ------------------------------    WALKING_DATASQL> user choice versus double;USER-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ICUSQL> DESC MARCHE_STATS;ERROR:ORA-04043: object WALKING_STATS does not actually existSQL> select * from values ​​where tname = 'WALKING_STATS';row not selected

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